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The Midas Touch is expertly crafted from one piece of jewelry grade brass. The ergonomic and compact design helps reduce surface contact and germ exposure by up to 99%.

Due to high demand, all order will be shipped June 1st.

Never Touch A Dirty Surface Again

In times like these it's important we all do our part to help flatten the curve so we can get back to a normal life. Until then, let's do our best to cut down the germs we spread and the ones we pick up while going about our daily lives.
The Midas Touch is made from solid brass which has antibacterial properties to help reduce the lifespan of any bacteria it comes in contact with.

Open Doors And Press Buttons

Never pull open another dirty door handle or press grimy ATM buttons again with the contactless Midas Touch hook and stylus..

Bottel Opener

In times like these, it's important to celebrate the little moments. Crack one open with the Midas Touch bottle opener.

Ergonomic Handle And Keychain

Conveniently attach the Midas Touch to your keys and comfortably open heavy doors with ergonomically designed handle.

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